A more close up photo of the Blood Pudding Press table at the Underground Lit Fest!

A more close up shot of the Blood Pudding Press table at this past weekend's wonderful Underground Lit Fest in Michigan City, Indiana!
(thank you very much to Darryl Shupe for taking this photo) 


Blood Pudding Press at the Underground Lit Fest!

At the Underground Lit Fest, in Michigan City Indiana, August 5, 2017, Blood Pudding Press editor and poet Juliet Cook behind her Blood Pudding Press table (and a few of her own chapbooks/books on the table too) at the Small Press Book & Zine Fair!
(Photo taken by Darryl Shupe - and I'll add a more zoomed in photo soon)


We Can Take the Power Back: A NEW Review of Thirsty Bones by Sarah Lilius (Blood Pudding Press, 2017)

Thirsty Bones is not for the fainthearted or those who want to bury the issues women face and live through everyday under the rug of oppression and silence. Sarah Lilius makes it so her reader cannot ignore these things...

As I read the poems “[  ] Culture” and “To My Rapist,” I thought about my own dark, hidden experiences as a woman and how I don’t know if I will ever be courageous enough to open my mouth and utter them. Thirsty Bones left me with the hope that maybe one day I will be able to share all my experiences as a woman, and that women around the world will be able to do so as well. Lilius shows us that we can face our demons and demolish them. We can take the power back. The last few stanzas of “[  ] Culture” exemplify this: “My silence, the place I hide, overgrown / with weeds, they smell fresh, / shaking their seeds from green heads. // Now it’s laid out like a snake suddenly / on a table, I want to cut off the head, / feed it to my rapist in the dark. // And when he screams NO, / maybe I’ll take it out or maybe / I’ll make him eat it / with open eyes.”

from a new review of  the poetry chapbook, Thirsty Bones by Sarah Lilius (Blood Pudding Press, 2017)

thank you to Christina Rosso and Rag Queen Periodical for this review.

Read the entire review HERE - https://www.ragqueenperiodical.com/single-post/2017/07/31/We-Can-Take-the-Power-Back-A-Review-of-Lilies-Thirsty-Bones

Acquire your own copy of Thirsty Bones HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/522735584/new-thirsty-bones-by-sarah-lilius-2017?ref=shop_home_feat_1


New! The July Thirteen Myna Birds flock has arrived

The July flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has finally arrived, filled with wonderful new poems by Sarah Lilius, Christian Sammartino, Mohja Kahf, Eileen Murphy, Donna Dallas, Ali Jones, Natalie Crick, Sarah Valeika, and Mike Zone!

"My lungs live in a beehive - where a baby tooth has been extracted, enamel sold to a higher power - stare at the fireplace that is empty and barren, same as my head - my pelvis will substantially be involved in my getting out of bed - Congealed dirt lies on the bottom, like a thin crust of coagulated blood - you let the blood-red twinkle along into your cup - set your body to rewind, in case you miss something - I'm growing fins to swim out and meet you - I'm talking to myself again, like this tin can Telephone has the signal to reach your ears - on blankets in the darkness in the only bed we owned - The white cat lies across the flagstone path as if she owns the flagstone path - boned trees erupt Through frost skins - black skeleton branches touch out for acceptance - ready to fold—over and over - You and I aren't all closed casket memories And eulogies yet"

Dive in to the July flock HERE - https://13myna.blogspot.com/


NEW Review of A Red Witch, Every Which Way

"What happens when two energies collide as if they were falling stars against an inky sky? What happens when two cauldrons boil over and into each other? What happens when two spirits are provoked to write as though conjoined and based on intuition?"


"What lies between these pages are abstract word pairings, magical visions, and shamanic notions – it’s enough to make the head spin on itself like a top, like the Earth on its axis, like this book in the palm of your hand.

~samplings from a new review of the collaborative poetry book, "A Red Witch, Every Which Way" by j/j hastain & Juliet Cook (Hysterical Books, 2016)
~thank you very much to Jacklyn La Polita Janeksela for writing this wonderful review
~and thank you to Luna Luna for publishing the review
~read the full review by clicking the link below...
You can acquire your own copy of A Red Witch...


NEW in Rag Queen Periodical - Four Poems by Juliet Cook!

"...When you tell him what he did, he apologizes but
then laughs and does it again.  He thinks it's everyone else's fault
or at least it's not his own. It must be yours again. He doesn't care
if your dog is having panic attacks, the dog must be haunted or else
the dog has collapsed into a seizure to show you a part of your future."

from the poem "Your Fault", one of four poems by Juliet Cook appearing within Rag Queen Periodical, preceded by a lovely cicada.
Thank you very much to the Rag Queen team.


Poetry Spoken Here, Episode #48 Juliet Cook and Paterson Light and Shadow Reviewed

You can listen to Juliet Cook talk about poetry and creative flow and brain wave quirks AND hear her read 5 of her poems - and then listen to Paterson Light and Shadow Reviewed.
Thank you very much to Charlie Rossiter for Poetry Spoken Here.


NEW in The Rising Phoenix Review - Trap

"I want to rip off all my hair and flush it down.
I want to get rid of these breasts.
Purge them out with scissors
and then cover up the holes." 

from the poem "Trap" by Juliet Cook, now up at The Rising Phoenix Review


Another Copy of Thirsty Bones

Eileen Murphy's copy of Thirsty Bones by Sarah Lilius, next to Bulletproof by Wollfgang Carstens. 
Get your own copy of the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, Thirsty Bones, HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/522735584/new-thirsty-bones-by-sarah-lilius-2017?ref=shop_home_feat_1
Get your own copy of Bulletproof HERE - http://www.greybordersbooks.jigsy.com/bookstore
"EILEEN RECOMMENDS: Thirsty Bones by Sarah Lilius from Blood Pudding Press and Bulletproof by Wolfgang Carstens from Grey Borders Books. You'll enjoy these poems, I think, like I did."

A Copy of Thirsty Bones

John Burroughs' copy of Thirsty Bones by Sarah Lilius, surrounded by other books. 
Get your own copy of the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, Thirsty Bones, HERE -